Toe Fungus

Laser Treatment for Toe Nail Fungus

fungusBody del Sol Medical has treated hundreds of patients with Cutera laser treatments. We offer patients a fast and economical way to fight toe nail fungus. The medical term for this condition is known as Onychomycosis.

It is no surprise that the last decade has brought thousands of changes in medicine, science, and technology. Clinical studies continue to bring new innovations to the market and lay them at our feet (no pun intended). Thankfully, these emerging technologies now allow treatment of chronic onychomycosis. Men and women alike are getting rid of their toenail fungus with these revolutionary laser treatments. Body del Sol Medical has Cutera’s most sophisticated toe fungus treatment on the market: The World’s Premier Laser for Feet and Toes. This laser can also treat upper extremities hands (fingernails) affected with the same type of fungus. Over time, your condition may cause your nails to become so rough and stubborn that crumbling and cracking of your toenail can cause pain. Until recently, there have been few treatment options that offered success. Laser treatments have become the drug free, risk free, and pain free option for treating nail fungus.

Are you having a hard time believing this treatment is too good to be true? You have suffered long enough with nail fungus, possibly investing in less than optimal results with drug therapy treatments that have limited your success, have adverse side effects, or simply do not work. We want to make sure your financial investment with laser technology is a confident one. The procedural cost is generally based on the number of areas treated upper a nd or lower extremities. The San Francisco Bay Area & Central Valley average price for treating onychomycosis is anywhere from five hundred to twelve hundred dollars ($500 to $1200). For many patients, this seemingly basic treatment has delivered life-changing results. Whether you are on a quest to transform your hands or feet. we hope this treatment will change the way you feel. Let’s face it, your toes or hands don’t tell the whole story. The truth is onychomycosis affects millions of people and you aren’t the only one trying to find something that really works. At Body del Sol , we offer you a treatment that is safe, convenient, and economical. We promise an environment that is confidential and professional. We think your microscopic organisms of fungi can handle that

The Four Step System to Treat Onychomycosis at Body del Sol

Body del Sol is serious about treating nail fungus; that’s why we have developed a 4-step system or our patients to feel confident they are making the right decision.
  1. Your Free Onychomycosis Evaluation & Consultation. Pre & Post Instructions you must follow to avoid re-infection
  2. A Non-Invasive & Zero Downtime Procedure: Your Appointment
  3. Participate in Feedback & Support by Phone and Email
  4. Schedule your Free Follow-up Appointment & Viewing of Your Before and After Photos

Laser Treatment for Onychomycosis FAQs

What is The World’s Premier Laser for toes and feet?
The Cutera Laser Genesis Premier Laser for Toenail Fungus is a revolutionary new laser system perfected for safely and effectively treating onychomycosis (toenail fungus). By targeting the fungus directly, Body del Sol helps you get to the source of the problem immediately. This renowned laser has proven to be both a safe and effective solution for the treatment of Onychomycosis. This laser is also a safe and effective treatment for warts.

How does it work?
Tiny pulses of light from the laser pass through the toenail to the fungus underneath. The fungus is eradicated without any damage to the surrounding nail or skin.

How long does the procedure take and is it painful?
Depending on how many toes of fingernails are affected, the laser procedure will take 10-20 minutes. Most people feel a slight warming sensation during the procedure. No pain medication is needed and most people find the treatment very easy to tolerate. Our physicians at Body del Sol will work closely with you to make sure you are comfortable.

Are there side effects?
Because this procedure takes minutes to perform, it involves absolutely no cutting or recovery time, and is virtually risk-free. After treatment, it is common to see either no reaction or some mild skin redness that resolves very quickly.

How many treatments will I need?
You will need to consult with the Physician/PA or NP on duty. your free consultation is the perfect time to ask these questions. Many patients only need one treatment, but some need more if they have severe cases of toenail fungus. There is a significant amount of research and clinical studies that have gone into the development of this laser worldwide to make it the most effective laser offered to patients.

Are there any restrictions on my activity post procedure?
This is an outpatient procedure. There is no downtime. You can resume your normal activities immediately. Most patients resume regular activities following their treatment back to work and play!

When will I see results?
You won’t notice anything immediately following treatment. However, as your nail grows out, the new nail growth should be clear. Toenails grow slowly especially nails infected with fungus. So, it may take 6-12 months for your toenail to clear. we always enjoy it when patients write or email to tell us how happy they are with their results!

How do laser treatments compare to other toenail fungus treatments?
Traditional treatments such as nail trimming, topical medicine, oral medicine or nail removal have significant drawbacks. Nail trimming doesn’t treat the fungus. Topical medicines need to be applied for 12 months and have a low success rate. Oral medicines are taken for 3 months but can cause liver or kidney problems. Our laser is a quick, easy, safe, effective procedure that treats the fungus at the source.

Can I make an appointment or schedule a free consultation today?
We know how exciting it can be to discover there is a solution to treat toe fungus! We hear the excitement in our patient’s voices every day! Same day appointments are often available but never guaranteed. Please give us a call to check appointment availability and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule and get you into our office as soon as possible.

Will the fungus come back?
Reinfection with toenail fungus may be acquired anywhere from your environment, for example, in damp areas such as public swimming pools. Think of any dark or damp area like a shower or a gym locker where this fungus could best thrive. During your consultation, we will help you understand how to prevent toenail fungus from reoccurring. Also, check out our Three P’s on prevention of your fungus post treatment.

I love getting my nails done…when can I apply nail polish?
While it is important to remove nail polish, decoration and jewelry prior to treatment, you can reapply nail polish 24 hours after treatment