Weight Loss

Introducing our new medically supervised weight loss program

  • licensed M.D.’s
  • weight loss specialist
  • state of the art appetite suppressants
  • increased metabolism
  • no special foods or drinks to buy
  • no calorie, carb, point counting
  • variety, balanced satisfying diet
  • support and accountability weekly
  • private visits, no groups, no appointments
  • friendly, caring and supportive staff

Our medically supervised weight loss program utilizes a combination of prescription medications, HCG, & natural appetite suppressants as well as counseling on diet and exercise.


Phentermine was first introduced to the United States as a new kind of weight loss drug. Throughout the decades, Phentermine has continued to be one of the most popular weight loss drugs available today.

Phentermine HCL, the drug that is prescribed today, controls appetite by working on the central nervous system of the user, namely by stimulating the hypothalamus to produce neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters affect the way the brain receives signals of hunger as well as signals of being full.

In combination with HCG, the results are phenomenal!

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